At FlexEdge, we provide the means for companies to measure and evaluate the quality of their staff, customer interaction, experience, job performance, regulatory compliance and general effectiveness of processes and services. We help to evaluate the company’s actual brand image with the aim of providing information that will facilitate the desired expectations.

We execute the talent and service-audit through the following mediums

Mystery shopping

We send our team to measure quality of service and compliance based on acceptable standards. Quality is technologically assessed in various ways using tools which will provide video and audio visuals.

Service Surveys

We present an unbiased view directly from your clients. This we do by sending our team to embark on physical surveys with your customers so that you feel their pulse.

Follow Up

Based on observation during the staff/service audit, we support you by suggesting and providing effective follow up solutions to our findings

We will always respond to your enquiries and stay in touch with you to help satisfy your needs.

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