FlexEdge recruitment process is a process of identifying and analysing client job role requirements, placing job vacancies, reviewing applications, screening and shortlisting the right candidates that fit into the organisational culture, values and norms.

Our recruitment service offerings are categorized as follow:

Permanent Staffing

This is the recruitment of employees that are full-time staff and would be engaged with the company on permanent basis.

We recruit and train selected talents to ensure they are well integrated into the organizational culture.


Temporary Staffing

This is the recruitment of employees that would work for short periods of time when required by the company. These temp workers fulfill all the functions of regular employees and can help during increase in demands, or when full-timers take vacations or go on maternity leave.


Contract Staffing

This is the recruitment of employees who work on contract basis ranging from a stretch of 2 weeks to 6 months.


Our other forms of recruitment are: Remote Workers, Freelancer

We will always respond to your enquiries and stay in touch with you to help satisfy your needs.

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