Learning & Development

Our learning and development courses are developed in tandem with current learning realities and global standard policies to foster skills development that would be required for the future of work.

We offer trainings that help to develop and prepare employees for their current and future roles and responsibilities. Our focus is to help develop “human” resources to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Whether clients are looking to induct and direct, correct and motivate, build and sustain or manage and lead, FlexEdge has a perfect range of courses to meet their needs.

We encourage our clients to discuss their training needs with us as we will analyse the situation and design a training module that best suits them.

Our training courses are split into the following categories:


Open Courses

This is an avenue where we get your selected team members to come and use our training facilities and facilitators.

In-house Courses

We deploy all of our learning and development arsenals, including facilitators to your office or a specialized retreat location.

Virtual Learning

The recent global coronavirus pandemic has set a new standard for the future of work and learning. We have fully adapted to this new normal.

We have had to retool, upskill and infuse technological innovations across board to give your staff and team members a new learning experience.

We will always respond to your enquiries and stay in touch with you to help satisfy your needs.

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