The Future of Work and Recruitment in Nigeria- Post Covid 19

Watching in incredulity as the COVID-19 clasped the world at the beginning of 2020 and changed life that we knew as well as lives of businesses globally. In March 2020, more than a third of humanity was in lockdown. By the end of April 2020, about 1.6 billion workers stood in immediate danger of having their livelihoods destroyed.

Taiwo who lives in Lagos had in February 2020 just gotten a job in a Marketing firm located in Yaba, Lagos but had to be ‘politely’ laid off in April 2020 because there was no longer incoming revenues made by the firm.

As the COVID-19 pandemic drove and is still driving profound societal and organizational shifts. Businesses as well as Business Models have staggered and crumbled. The Talent Recruitment Industry is also not exempted has been forced to lay low in recruitment and increase the volume of laying off employees. Plans to take on more talents may have gone out the window, or conversely, businesses might be having to hire more people than they ever had to previously due to adapted new business models.

A lot of Industries have been shaken by the global pandemic. Industries like the Tourism and Aviation Industry had been greatly affected as the earlier lockdown and travel restrictions caused a huge slump in demand among travelers. Most of foreign airlines have suspended operations, with all the airports under a shutdown order by the Federal Government until recently when local flights began operation on July 9th 2020. As of March 2020, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported an estimated revenue loss of $252 billion in the sector globally. Other Industries Include Hospitality and Hotel Industry, Cinemas and Entertainment, Real Estate and Construction, International Trade, Manufacturing and Consultants and Services.

However, businesses now have the opportunity to produce result by re- designing the future of work, building on the lessons learnt during the COOVID- 19 crisis while bearing in mind the need for preparations in response and recovery for the changes to come post COVID-19.

The future of work has come to mean flexible work arrangement as well as remote working because of the way COVID-19 has affected the global work-life balance.

Pre COVID-19, many workers around the globe lacked key skills – including digital capabilities. Most Educationists began to see the need for digital literacy as they struggled with Edmondo, Zoom, Google Meet and other Educational Apps.

The Future of Work has come to embrace Artificial Intelligence to take over business processes making technology critical to any organization.

The World Economic Forum earlier this year surveyed global Human Resource decision-makers and opined that 44 percent of HR Decision Makers pointed to new technology enabling remote working, co-working space and teleconferencing as the principal drivers of change.

There are four steps organizations can take to prepare for Post Covid19 Work and Recruitment Life:

  1. Migration to Digital/ Virtual Platforms
  2. Upgrading of Skill Sets
  3. Expansion of Work Ethics Capacity
  4. Intentional plan for the future

With these above mentioned steps, we can say employees and employers would be able to rise soar above the harsh impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic that has somehow still refused to live the human race.


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