Brand History

FlexEdge Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 2012 with the vision of providing wholistic human resource management and business solutions. Over the years, the company has greatly evolved into a formidable brand and a force to reckon with in the recruitment and outsourcing business environment in Nigeria.

As a human capital development organisation we bridge employability gaps by attracting, preparing, training and providing sustainable manpower to help organizations thrive.

Our workforce comprises of over “40 years-CUMMULATIVE” experience across different sectors and industries, we bring a plethora of valuable knowledge, experience and network across business, finance and human resource management.


Our practice is focused on offering clients a strategic and agile approach to attracting emotionally balanced top-talents that fit right into the organizational culture, goals and aspirations.

We offer supreme and specialized staffing services that provide businesses with value-driven talents. Our major focus is empowering businesses by recruiting and developing employees that can achieve their full potential, work more efficiently and add value to organizational bottomline.

We do not only empower our clients by providing constant training, education and information, we assist applicants in ensuring that they are mentally and emotionally empowered to stand out and succeed in the labour market.


why flexedge ltd

Vision Statement

To become Africa's most formidable talent-hub and employability academy platform, providing high-octane teams that power organisation's creativity and efficiency whilst delivering optimal business result.

Mission Statement

To become the provider of employable manpower that are emotionally balanced, organisation culture-fit, agile, adaptive and well positioned for the work.

Our Core-Values


We manage our business dealings ethically in accordance with the prescribed laws of our operating environment and business partners’ requirement so as to optimize performance and profit for all stakeholders.


Respect for ourselves guides our morals. Respect for others guides our manners. We strongly believe in mutual respect with no form of bias or prejudice.


We are committed to being transparent, honest and fair in all our actions and business dealings, by doing what is right and building trust amongst all stakeholders.


Client satisfaction is the key metrics of our success-quotient. We remain dedicated and committed to the agreed responsibilities with our clients.


Excellence is in our DNA. We strive to always exceed client expectations, going over and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

Why Choose Us

Our Unique Proposition


We are flexible in our approach; we design solutions that fit your budget and culture. We retail HR services to meet your specific needs.


We have the best human resource professionals that make the execution of your strategic goals seamless and hassle-free. We give you the edge to always be ahead of the curve in your sector in terms of recruiting and retention of the best talents.


We ensure that we assess, recruit and train the best talents that fit into your organisational values, norms and culture, thereby giving you that desired vantage-positioning.

Partnership & Excellent Client-Relations

We are not just about the monetary value exchange; we value and keep the relationships forged during our business dealings. It’s no wonder we have repeat and referral businesses.

We will always respond to your enquiries and stay in touch with you to help satisfy your needs.

About Us

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